Deduru Oya - Mosaic of ancient and modern reservoirs

Proposal for a Mosaic System

The Sri Lankan government has placed significant emphasis on agricultural development by revitalizing ancient irrigation works. One of the ongoing projects in this endeavor is the Deduru Oya Reservoir project. A comprehensive description of the project, including hydrology and inflow details, can be found in a separate publication.

Water resources within the Deduru Oya basin are categorized into four distinct groups. The availability of water varies both spatially and temporally across the basin. Unfortunately, around seventy percent of the annual rainfall in the region currently goes unused, flowing into the ocean without being harnessed to meet the needs of the local population.

The Deduru Oya reservoir project aims to harness the water resources of Deduru Oya to enhance the cropping intensity of existing agricultural lands under tank irrigation systems. Additionally, it seeks to develop new agricultural lands in the Mee Oya and Deduru Oya basins, ultimately improving agricultural productivity in the region.




Details of existing and proposed irrigation area under Deduru Oya Reservoir Project