Who is responsible for managing water allocation

Challenges and Recommendations for Implementing a New Water Management System in the Mosaic System

  • Adapting the Bulk Water Allocation (BWA) system for the Mosaic system requires a new water management approach due to the differences between canal irrigation and tank irrigation.
  • Challenges identified during discussions with farmer organizations (FOs) and farmers include the difficulty of visualizing water flow in canals, the insecurity of water sources compared to tanks, inflexible water issue dates, and the need to learn to irrigate within limited time periods.
  • The decision-making process of the Jalapalaka committee should consider both equity and efficiency. Farmers should be educated on water conservation and provided with measuring devices to monitor water usage.
  • Intensive training on canal maintenance and water management should be provided to all farmers, along with rehabilitation of irrigation structures such as gates for turnouts.
  • Financial constraints, lack of technical knowledge, and management capacity are identified challenges in the current irrigation system.
  • Farmer leaders recognize the need for awareness programs to address certain farmers' attitudes, particularly regarding water usage during low tank levels, prioritizing animal and domestic needs over cultivation. Environmental and sustainability concerns are also acknowledged.